Dear Mr. Oganesyan,

My name is Evelyn Napolitano. I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Vahe Panossian for approximately 3 years. After a series of knee injections that worked for some time, it was decided that arthroscopic surgery would be advantageous for my left knee.

I am not a fan of surgery. I was apprehensive and had many questions. After talking with Dr. Panossian, and being assured it was my best option, I decided to go with the surgery.

On Friday, (9-25-20) I woke up full of trepidation in preparation for my surgery.

I arrived at your facility and was greeted by Carla. Carla immediately put me at ease with her pleasant, welcoming demeanor. She met my husband and daughter and told me what to expect.

Shortly thereafter, Alvin, my pre-op nurse came out to greet me and took me in the back. Alvin was personable and he too, told me what to expect. My blood pressure was elevated and I explained I was nervous. Alvin assured me most patients are nervous. Alvin continued to monitor my blood pressure and was able to distract me by talking about other things while he prepared me for surgery.

Your facility was spotless and the Panossian team was wonderful! They all came out to introduce themselves to explain the role they played (Including Grace, my Circulator) during my surgery.

Dr Park, my anesthesiologist was great! Obviously he knew his craft because I woke up!

After my surgery, the wonderful Dr. Panossian came out to greet me and to let me know the surgery went well. He then went out to inform my husband. Today my sutures will be removed. I was prescribed NORCO for pain. I am not a fan of pain medicine. After arriving home after my surgery, I took half a NORCO and when it did not relieve my pain, I took the other half. I have not had to take another NORCO or any other pain medication since my surgery including Tylenol or Advil.

Hopefully I won’t have to have another surgery, but if I do, I know I will be in good hands!

You have a wonderful, professional team. They are without a doubt, an asset to your organization.

I hope you take the time to commend them on their contribution to Huntington Orthopedics.

Huntington Orthopedics