I just completed the entire process of having Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Dr. Saber. I could write all day about Dr Saber and her Staff but I’ll keep it short and sweet.
When I first got a consultation, she knew the exact diagnosis and how severe it was. She straight out told me “In some Carpal Tunnel cases, I could give a Cortisone shot and that will take care of it. In your case, your carpal tunnel is too severe and I have to go in and do a full release”. She even pointed out that I had 3 fractures in my wrist that were healed for about a year and I didn’t even know it..haha.

Anyhow Dr. Saber was very informative along with her entire staff. Dr. Saber and her staff were there every step of the way. They always called me back when I would call them for a question or concern. They were great at following up with me through the entire process. No hassle when setting up appointments and no hassle if I had to reschedule a follow up appoint. It was a SMOOTH process all the way through.

My carpal tunnel pain was gone within 2 months after the surgery. I “forgot” (haha) to mention to the Dr. after two months of having the surgery, I was out golfing again. 😮 I do wear a compression sleeve and a wrist brace. No issues with my wrist or hand. Dr. Saber does GREAT Work! THANK YOU Dr. Saber and Staff!

Huntington Orthopedics