5 Hidden Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a well-known consequence of working long hours on the computer or engaging in other activities that put excessive stress or pressure on the wrists. Its most common symptoms are wrist pain and numbness or tingling in the fingertips. However, these are not the only hallmarks of carpal tunnel syndrome. These 5 hidden signs may also be indicators of the condition.


1. Weakness

Many people mistake weakness in the hand or difficulty gripping objects for signs of other conditions that affect the wrist and hands, like arthritis. However, weakness when holding an object or trying to support weight using your wrists may occur if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, you may notice that your wrist gives out sometimes if you prop yourself up with your hand and arm. Weakness typically comes on gradually and worsens over time.


2. Radiating Pain

You may not immediately think of carpal tunnel syndrome when you think of radiating pain in the forearm and even the upper arm. However, the condition can cause sharp, stabbing pains that go up the forearms and sometimes the biceps. It’s not uncommon to feel this pain radiating from the wrists, but some patients may not. They may only feel pain in the forearm and upper arm, coupled with weakness in the wrists and hands. NSAID pain relievers can reduce swelling within the carpal tunnel area, which typically helps to reduce symptoms and relieve pain associated with the condition.


3. Itching

Carpal tunnel syndrome generally affects the primary nerve in the wrist, causing numbness, tingling, and other strange sensations. One of these may be itching of the palms, fingers, and wrist. You may notice that the underside of your entire palm feels like it has a deep itch and scratching with your fingernails or even another object may not bring relief.

4. Worsening Symptoms at Night

Typically, carpal tunnel symptoms worsen at night, which is a surprise to many people who develop the condition. This is due to a buildup of fluid pressure within the carpal tunnel, further compressing the delicate nerve tissue inside the wrist. During the day, the muscles pump this fluid around the body. However, it can cause worsening symptoms when the fluid settles at night while the body isn’t active. You may wake up with your hands tingling in the middle of the night because the symptoms wake you up from sleep.

5. Sensation of Extreme Temperature

Other odd sensations that patients with carpal tunnel don’t expect are the feeling of extreme temperature, either hot or cold, when they haven’t been in either. You may feel tingling or burning like you’ve stuck your hand in a bowl of ice water or a fire, even if you’re comfortably at room temperature. This feeling may be short-lived or last several minutes or even hours. Some patients find massage using the opposite temperature to be helpful.

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